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Yes! You finally found it! The atomic-powered cyberspace home of Hollywood movie Director-Producer-Actor-Animator-Editor-Effector-Etcetera Mike Jittlov, and his legendary feature film...






[Kelly Freas Wizard Poster]
Kelly Freas Movie Posters
from The Wizard of Speed and Time!

Just in time for that Special Day!
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[Star Wars 1974]
Jittlov's Original 1974 Drawing for Star Wars
Unique STAR WARS Memorabilia that Pre-Dates STAR WARS!
Soon for Sale to a Reasonably Wealthy Art Collector!
(Click for the Big Pic)

[The Spock Box]
Super Rare Star Trek Cereal Box
Not a hoax! Not a fake! Not even the Las Vegas
Star Trek Museum has the legendary Spock Box!
First 1969 Printing! Soon For Sale!
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[Original 1040 Form]
Original 1040 Tax Form of 1913
A 1% tax?!? It's FREE!
(Click for the Amazing Truth!)

[Mouse Satellite]
One-of-a-kind Mickey Mouse Satellite
The Original Stop-Motion Animation Model
that opened the Disney Channel in 1982!
Soon for Sale!
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Who are you?
What IS all this?
Where is this movie?
Where's a soundtrack CD?
Do you have any logo T-shirts?
How do you make special effects?
Where are the WoSaT desktop icons?
Do you have any more free software?
Why does this look like a Christmas tree?
How did your Jittlov Font crash my computer?
How do you turn ON the animated background-gif?
Why do you want to leave Hollywood and go to Norway?
How come the Internet Movie Database gives your low-budget
movie a higher rating than megabuck Hollywood epics?
Why aren't you married and/or making more movies?

Look, I'm wondering about all that myself.
Check out the

But while I'm busy learning HTML to attract the Woman of my Dreams
and relocate to a certain Scandinavian eden (for the warm part of the year),
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Eternal Special *Thanks* to: Bob Doyle and Holly Doyle for giving me this wonderful Apple computer, its software, and hope for the future; James "Kibo" Parry for his terrific tutorials and generous help; Ken "Beldar" Coar and Lynnell "Angel" Koehler for starting up this wizard's website; Dave "Auk" Chamberlain for securing the wizard's website; MV Communications for hosting WizWorld; Lisa "Corgi" Winters for keeping the memory alive; Derek "SkyBuilder" Doyle for discovering me on the Net, and Rob Doyle, Dave Yost, Meriday Beth Komor, the Mystery Person (you know who you are); and Mom, without whom I'd be long gone.


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